Friday, October 4

all panels take place in east pyne, room 010.

9:00 Welcome: Deborah Nord and Rebecca Rainof

9:15 Plenary Panel 1

Tim Barringer (Yale University), “Livingstone and the Lion: Image and Text in Victorian African Exploration Literature”

Ruth Yeazell (Yale University), “Words for Vermeer”

Chair: Anna Arabindan-Kesson (Princeton University)

10:30 Break

11:00 Illustrations, Prints, and Prophecies

Rosalind Parry (Princeton University), “Clare Leighton’s British Pastoral”

Joseph Viscomi (University of North Carolina), “Authenticating Blake: Life-time Impressions, Posthumous Prints, and Forgeries; or, Printing Blake: William, Catherine, and all the others”

Robyn Warhol (Ohio State University), “Reading Victorian Novel Illustrations in the Serial Moment”

Chair: Meredith Martin (Princeton University)

12:30  Lunch Break

1:45 Visit to Exhibition, Princeton Art Museum

Rosalind Parry and Ariel Kline, Curators

3:00  Childhood and Self

Aileen Farrar (Nova Southeastern University), “F.D. Bedford’s Childhood in a Drawer: The Illustrated ‘Lost’ Realities of Peter Pan

Alexandra Neel (Loyola Marymount University) , “Jane Eyre’s Selfie”

Linda Shires (Yeshiva University), “Image><Text: Kipling’s Just So Stories

Chair: Jeff Nunokawa (Princeton University)

4:30  Break

4:45  Keynote Address

Caroline Arscott (The Courtauld Institute of Art),  “Picture Posies: Illustration and the Idyllic Mode, 1860-1875”

Introduction: Bridget Alsdorf (Princeton University)

6:30-8:30 Reception  (Chancellor Green Rotunda)

Saturday, October 5

all panels take place in east pyne, room 010.

9:00  The PRB: A Family Portrait

Jeremy Melius (Tufts University), “Ruskin Undone”

Natalie Prizel (Princeton University), “Pre-Raphaelite in Black”

Jason Rosenfeld (Marymount Manhattan College): “Family Man: John Everett Millais’s Illustrations of Paternal Affection in the 1860s”

Chair: Anne McCauley (Princeton University)

10:30 Break

10:45  The Condition of England at Home and Abroad

Emily Madsen (University of Alaska, Anchorage), “Ghost in the Palimpsest: Missionary Revision”

David Pike (American University): “Nineteenth-Century Slum Imaginaries Then and Now”

Rebecca Rainof (Princeton University), “Van Gogh and the Victorians”

Chair: Natalie Prizel (Princeton University)

12:15  Lunch Break

1:30  Kate Flint (University of Southern California), “Snails, Slugs, and Scale”

Introduction: Deborah Nord

2:30 Picturing Modernism

Sophia Andres (University of Texas), “Virginia Woolf’s Pre-Raphaelite Incongruities in Orlando

Maria DiBattista (Princeton University), “Taken from Life: The Modernist Portraits of E. O. Hoppé”

Ariel Kline (Princeton University), “The Minotaur”

Chair: Rebecca Rainof

3:45  Break

4:00 Plenary Panel 2

Elizabeth Helsinger (University of Chicago), “Ekphrastic Questions: Keats, Rossetti, and Field”

Rachel Teukolsky (Vanderbilt University), “Ruskin’s Media: The Cathedral and the Machine”

Chair: Rachael DeLue (Princeton University)

5:15  Summing Up: Jonah Siegel (Rutgers University)